DCAT 2023

Connect with us at DCAT 2023

MARCH 20-23, 2023

Meet us during DCAT Week! As a proud member of the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association, Woodstock Sterile Solutions is pleased to attend DCAT Week and host our Business Meeting Space in the Lotte NY Palace, meeting room 1415. To connect with us, reach out via our contact form to schedule a meeting.

For 50 years, Woodstock Sterile Solutions has been recognized as a leading Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). We develop and supply BFS products for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, providing best-in-class sterile development manufacturing solutions across a broad – and growing – range of applications, including respiratory, ophthalmic, topical, otic, and oral. As a highly focused organization, our expertise and commitment to innovation allow us to reduce development times and efficiently support our customers’ ability to deliver products to market. At Woodstock Sterile Solutions, we see a patient, family member or friend in every product we make, and our goal is to be the best development and commercial partner in the industry, delivering life-enhancing molecules from the benchtop to the patient.

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