Broad Product Possibilities

Simplifying complexity

Woodstock Sterile Solutions creates products across a broad range of formulation types. We specialize in complex, difficult to manufacture APIs and liquid formulations – including solutions, suspensions, emulsions, gels, and ointments. We work with both small- and large-molecule APIs.

Challenging API production is a strength of Woodstock Sterile Solutions. We have extensive experience with light, oxygen, temperature and pH-sensitive APIs, as well as potent and highly potent materials.

About us - solutions
  • Formulation expertise
  • R&D Capabilities
    • Formulation labs
    • Analytical tools (HPLC, particle analysis, etc.)
    • Microfluidizers, mixers, homogenizers
    • Jacketed tanks
  • Characterization capability
  • Pilot-scale manufacturing for BFS and formulation
  • Clinical and manufacturing support
  • Registration manufacturing
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