Our History

At the forefront of sterile delivery solutions for over 50 years

The Woodstock Sterile Solutions business you see today was founded in Elk Grove Village, IL in 1968 as Automatic Liquid Packaging (ALP). The original mission of ALP was to market and sell a promising new liquid packaging technology pioneered in Europe in the 1930s – blow-fill-seal (BFS). ALP quickly learned that in order to prove the viability of blow-fill-seal, it needed to demonstrate the technology in action. The creativity and ingenuity that the company showed in applying BFS technology to delivery system requirements was the starting point of a thriving contract manufacturing business that grew rapidly for decades.

Today’s Woodstock, IL facility was built in 1980, with the first production of BFS products starting in 1982. Along the way, a number of firsts came out of Woodstock, including:

  • First commercial production of complex sterile biologic using BFS
  • First commercial US launch of a multidose ophthalmic BFS container using insertion technologies
  • First inhaled antibiotic available in the US

Starting in 1999, the Woodstock facility became a focal point for a series of world-leading businesses that supported the pharmaceutical industry with innovative, best-in-class sterile delivery and packaging solutions. Operating under the Cardinal Health and Catalent banners, the Woodstock facility grew in size, capability and expertise, becoming a preferred supplier of sterile BFS solutions globally.

In 2021, SK Capital Partners established Woodstock Sterile Solutions as a standalone business – maintaining the company’s leadership position in the advanced aseptic manufacturing and setting the stage for new advances in sterile delivery solutions in the future.

The Journey to Sterile Solutions Excellence

  • 1968Automatic Liquid Packaging

    Founded as Automatic Liquid Packaging (ALP)

  • 1980Woodstock, IL

    Woodstock, IL manufacturing site established

  • 1982BFS Delivery

    First production runs of blow-fill-seal delivery systems

  • 1996First complex sterile biologic

    First production of complex sterile biologic using BFS

  • 1999Cardinal Health

    ALP purchased by Cardinal Health

  • 2007Blackstone

    Cardinal Health purchased by Blackstone

  • 2008Catalent

    Catalent Pharma Solutions created

  • 2010Lab Expansion

    Initiated development capabilities via lab buildout and expanded formulation expertise

  • 2021SK Capital & Woodstock Sterile Solutions

    SK Capital purchases Woodstock facility; Woodstock Sterile Solutions is born

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