Three Key Considerations for Complex Liquid Formulations

The journey from feasibility to commercialization presents numerous challenges, even for simple liquid formulations. When it comes to complex formulation development, even more considerations arise. In this white paper, we delve into three key factors that affect your product across its lifecycle.

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  • An overview of types of complex liquid, multi-phasic, and semi-solid formulations, from suspensions to ointments
  • A deep dive into solubility and its influence on complex liquid pharmaceuticals, and the role of microfluidization in addressing solubility challenges
  • Why blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology is an ideal method for addressing sterility for complex liquid formulations, even those that are heat-sensitive or have other unique considerations
  • An exploration of stability in complex liquids and methods to evaluate and address separation over time to ensure the long-term quality of your product
Three Key Considerations for Complex Liquid Formulations

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